Consumer magazine: Print and Digital - together.*

Research shows that retailers still see print marketing as important. In fact, according to Nielsen research, today more than half of all shoppers still leverage print at least once a week to seek product and sales information. This is nearly 20 points higher than the next-closest digital touch point, emails.  And retailers know the circular is still very much alive.  In fact, 68% said print is critical in their strategy.  Shopper engagement with product and sales circulars (mailed, in-store, newspaper) is significantly higher across all generations than digital - clear evidence that print remains a vital part of the marketing mix.  Nielsen research shows that consumers are embracing digital alongside print. For example, while digital is a stronger driver of store choice, consumers use print more than digital for product and sales information. 

(*sourced from Consumer magazine 24/09/2014, US figures)

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