Deliver: Mini Case Study

How PMP made the school trip affordable.

PMP is always looking for ways to find better “end to end” solutions for our customers.

Recently we were approached to print and distribute a specialist publication to go into 345 secondary schools. Having already looked at the logistics, our client had found the project to be cost prohibitive if distribution was via traditional courier services. They asked us if there was an alternative solution.

A comprehensive knowledge of the total PMP offering enabled our account manager on this project to think outside the box. Aware our Gordon and Gotch team were already delivering magazines into the schools on a weekly basis, the account manager and the Gordon and Gotch guys got together and reworked and realigned production and dispatch dates so PMP could provide a solution that utilised our existing supply chain. We were also able to offer a choice of 3 service level options.

The outcome? Fortunately, with the PMP model, goods were able to go from production to dispatch without involving inwards goods, processing and re-dispatching again…or the hassles of a third party. This enabled our client to make significant savings on the freight charges...Plus the magazines made it into the hands of the school kids who needed them.

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